Alberta Institute of Mentors & Builders Of Tomorrow!


Message from the founder:

We use LEGO® bricks as a creative medium… A tool you can use without any professional training or acquired skill. You can simply jump-in & start building. If you have an idea, you can bring it into the physical world using LEGO®… It’s pure creation.

-Kristopher Joriz r. Manabo

A.I.M.B.O.T Founder/President

Alberta Institute of Mentors & Builders of Tomorrow (A.I.M.B.O.T) is a mentorship based society, with help of LEGO® bricks our mentors break down social barriers and encourage, empower and motivate Individuals to transition confidently and capably into the innovators of tomorrow or we as like to call them: “Builders of Tomorrow”.

We will give you our support as a collective group to help you reach your full potential. It is all about a shared vision, we want to motivate individuals to use their talents to “Build Today”, through the process of building, designing, and redesigning we seek to stimulate innovation to “Create Potential”, and by encouraging the creative potential of individuals we aim to inspire and “Shape Tomorrow”. Together, here at A.I.M.B.O.T we seek to Build Today, Create Potential, and Shape Tomorrow.

We create and shape builders of tomorrow.

Educational Experiences

Educational Experiences

“Learning by doing” – John Dewey. Our workshops use the concept of “Project-Based Learning”, in which we engage the students in a challenge, where they apply what they know through hands-on building, designing plans, interacting with others, communicating their ideas, experimenting, analyzing data and refining in order to find a solution and complete the challenge. We integrate the know-how and application using LEGO® bricks.

“We focus on the authenticity of the experience in order to make a real-life impact within individuals”.

Events and Conferences

Events and Conferences

Want to have LEGO® at your next public event? We can do that! We have access to a large supply LEGO® bricks for any public event.  We ensure all our public workshop events are family friendly, for all ages and since LEGO® bricks are incredibly versatile, we work alongside our clients to find a ways to match their vision and of course to make one awesome, memorable experience!
Classroom Visit

Classroom Visit

No need for a field trip – We bring the workshop to you.  We turn the classroom into one big workspace! Our Mentors/ Artists- in-Residents bring the LEGO®, along with an educational, exciting, & intuitive program and from there, the fun begins! Find out how you can bring AIMBOT to your class.
Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

Are you looking to celebrate your next birthday but you want something really awesome? Why not let AIMBOT show you how it’s done! Celebrate your next birthday party and make it memorable with an AIMBOT twist.


Want something built out of LEGO® bricks? Sure, we can help! We have access to some incredibly talented LEGO® builders and we can definitely help you out with any of your request.  Simply send us your request and we’ll help you get closer to making your idea into reality! We love challenges, contact us today!


Who We've Worked With


The Alberta Institute of Mentors and Builders of Tomorrow (AIMBOT) presented a FLEX session at St. Kateri School. Students were challenged to build a machine out of LEGO that would change the world! The excitement and energy could not be contained as students quickly took to the challenge
Chris Lirette and Delia de Sousa of St. Kateri Catholic School
I loved this session because it taught you to be creative and to think outside the box. It also taught you that there is no #1 in team and to start out small to make big things.
Grade 5 student of St. Kateri Student
I thought this was amazing! It inspired me to unlock my imagination and build more things. I felt free to build whatever I wanted. SOOOO fun!
Grade 6 student of St. Kateri Student
Kristopher and his AIMBOT team came to Vital Grandin school in November 2015.  He had a wonderful presentation about LEGO and brought his large LEGO robot to show the children.  His team also brought LEGO projects for the students to see.
Heather Williams of VG Library