We Are Alberta Institute of Mentors & Builders Of Tomorrow! (AIMBOT)

Alberta Institute of Mentors & Builders of Tomorrow (A.I.M.B.O.T) is a mentorship based society, with help of LEGO® bricks our mentors break down social barriers and encourage, empower and motivate Individuals to transition confidently and capably into the innovators of tomorrow or we as like to call them: “Builders of Tomorrow”.

We will give you our support as a collective group to help you reach your full potential. It is all about a shared vision, we want to motivate individuals to use their talents to “Build Today”, through the process of building, designing, and redesigning we seek to stimulate innovation to “Create Potential”, and by encouraging the creative potential of individuals we aim to inspire and “Shape Tomorrow”. Together, here at A.I.M.B.O.T we seek to Build Today, Create Potential, and Shape Tomorrow.

We support the “Builders of Today” as they engage in transforming abstract, individual elements to form something entirely new and personal. We help foster their creative potential and encourage builders to break through barriers, to be constantly innovating, learning and improving. In doing so, we instill confidence in Builders to wholeheartedly chase their passions in building a unique, and creative future!

What is a Builder?

A Builder is anyone who initiates and participates in the creative process. A Builder is an individual who has the confidence to take a raw idea, derive the potential and invests time into bringing ideas to life. By bringing these ideas to life, it causes more and more doors to open, which can help mankind and our future. Step by step, brick by brick.


Our Mission

With Help of LEGO® bricks our mentors can break down social barriers in order to engage, motivate and support the“Builders of Today” in hopes to empower them as they build their way towards a creative future!

Our Vision

We aim to guide a generation of “Builders” to discover their potential, and use it towards human betterment, one brick at a time!

Our Values

Embracement and Equal Opportunity:  Everyone should have an equal opportunity to enrich their lives positively and overcome adversity. Mentors are caring individuals who see the potential in others and have the desire to help change people lives for the better, one brick at time.

Respect within the Community: Respect and Community: With respect comes trust. We strive to create an environment that is safe and encouraging. A setting where everyone can have the liberty to express themselves creatively. We want to build a community that accepts people for who they are.

Integrity: As Mentors we want to be great examples of integrity this means:  strive to meet our commitments; to be honest; to live by moral values; to treat everyone with respect; and most of all, to build and maintain trust.

Time: The greatest gift anyone can give to another person is time. We believe that the things we value in this world deserve our time. We want to show the value of time and exhibit the worth we place in everyone we help.

Accountability: The foundation for creating a learning organization is accountability. We believe building an environment of accountability requires Ownership, Priorities, Discipline, Evaluation, and Improvement.

Empowerment:  We believe that we all have the potential to change the world; that anyone can make a difference. We want to empower everyone to become confident, respectful, and nurturing individuals.