Want to have LEGO® at your next public event? We can do that! We have access to a large supply LEGO® bricks for any public event.  We ensure all our public workshop events are family friendly, for all ages and since LEGO® bricks are incredibly versatile, we work alongside our clients to find a ways to match their vision and of course to make one awesome, memorable experience!

Alberta Institute of Mentors and Builders Of Tomorrow or AIMBOT is a group of mentors and LEGO® fans located in Alberta who share a passion for LEGO. Whether it be constructing amazing creations or building up a wicked collection, we see these tiny plastic bricks as more than just toys; to us, LEGO® can be used as a means of both expressing our creativity story and satisfying our desire to help others. With Help of LEGO® bricks our mentors can break down social barriers in order to engage motivate and support the “Builders of Today” in hopes to empower them as they build their way towards a creative future!

“We aim to guide a generation of “Builders” to discover their potential, and use it towards human betterment, one brick at a time!”

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