A.I.M.B.O.T hosts workshops and events where children and participants of all ages take part in challenges or activities using LEGO® Bricks.

Position Summary:

Helping with workshops/events by setting up equipment or materials, organizing seating arrangements, relaying instructions and information to participants, providing help and support where deemed necessary and encouraging creativity by building LEGO®  creations. Volunteers are also expected to aid with cleanup following the completion of the festivities.



-Setting up signs, posters & other informational handouts

-Arranging tables, chairs etc. according to session’s needs

-Organizing sets of LEGO® required for the event

-Instructing participants of rules and time limits

-Engage with participants by asking what they are building and their reasons for doing so etc.

-Pick up any fallen pieces of LEGO® and return them to their designated area

-Interact with everyone involved in a professional, social manner

-Help event leaders with any other tasks necessary for the success of the session



-Valid Driver’s License OR means for personal transportation (in city and surrounding areas)

-Completion of Criminal Record Check including Vulnerable Sector


Working Conditions:

Workshops and events are typically help in a classroom type setting, halls or event centers. Must be able to work in a loud environment with constant commotion.

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Builders of Tomorrow

Volunteer Positions

Join A.I.M.B.O.T as a volunteer and be a role model as you provide a unique experience at workshops and different events for attendees. This volunteer opportunity will provide you with the training necessary to deliver A.I.M.B.O.T’s mission to “Build Today, Create Potential, and Shape Tomorrow” with the use of LEGO® Bricks.

What is a Builder?

A builder is anyone who initiates and participates in the creative process. A builder is an individual who possesses the ability and has the confidence to take a raw idea, derive its potential and invests time into taking that idea from imagination to physical reality with LEGO®! By bringing life into these ideas, doors open to improve our future and mankind as a whole.

Enabling the Builders of Today and Tomorrow

Alberta Institute of Mentors and Builders of Tomorrow (A.I.M.B.O.T) delivers a playful learning experience to all. We support the “builders of today” as they engage in transforming abstract, individual elements to form something entirely new and personal. We help foster their creative potential and encourage builders to break through barriers, to be constantly innovating, learning and improving. In doing so, we instill confidence in builders to wholeheartedly chase their passions in building a unique and creative future! We engage upon a fundamental goal to provide everyone with the ability to become more connected and achieve his or her full potential.

Calling all Mentors!

Do you have what it takes?

  • Understanding the mission of A.I.M.B.O.T.
  • Assist to ensure that the A.I.M.B.O.T message is received by those participating in workshops/shows
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to interact confidently with others
  • Motivate and develop team sprit based on A.I.M.B.O.T’s mission
  • Ability to think on your feet
  • Ability to work under pressure

Your Responsibilities will include:

  • Act as a support team for the event coordinators
  • Assisting with all event production which includes graphics, printing, errands, heavy lifting, travelling, collecting painting materials and other supplies that event coordinators require
  • Engage participants and make sure nobody is left out
  • Maintain a professional demeanor and a respectable attitude towards everyone involved
  • Keep in mind the safety of all participants
  • Have fun and enjoy yourself!

Other Requirements:

  • Drivers license (travelling will be required)
  • Must be able to commit 8-12 hours flexible per week.
  • Hours may vary weekdays/weeknights/weekend.

We Are A.I.M.B.O.T!

A.I.M.B.O.T is an organization of like-minded individuals who want to give back to the community. When you join, we will give you our support as a collective group to help you reach your full potential. It is all about a shared vision, we want to motivate individuals to use their innate talents to “Build Today”, through the process of building, designing, and reconstructing we seek to stimulate innovation to “Create Potential”, and by encouraging this creative potential of individuals we aim to inspire and “Shape Tomorrow”. Together, here in A.I.M.B.O.T we can seek to Build Today, Create Potential, and Shape Tomorrow.